Fluid Gestures

July 2016

Interior Design Hall of Fame member Alexandra Champalimaud evokes an urban oasis.

“The urge to sketch an idea, a thought, or a concept makes a project very much your own. When starting to design, in my head, I conceive a three-dimensional finished space, which then takes form as a squiggle on paper. That’s the point when my mind can stop being restless.

I typically begin with wax pencil, then sometimes add color through another medium, for example marker, before moving into a computer rendering. Pure black-and-white, however, seemed to me a more poetic way to evoke the desired calmness of the indoor swimming pool at the Kent, a family-friendly New York apartment building where my firm, Champalimaud, is designing the interiors - from the lobby and garden salon to the model apartments. The subterranean space housing the 55-foot pool will be a departure from your normal environment, a place of respite.

There’s an end wall of backlit glass and an envelope of wraparound teak slabs to absorb sound and lend a graphic sensibility. The aesthetic is simple but not at all minimalistic. it’s well appointed, warm, and embracing.

My first sketch was rougher, but this presentation drawing demonstrates how the ever changing play of light and shadow creates a mood. The feel is meditative, capturing the experience of being in haven.”

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